About Us

Farmertec was set up by farmers to profile and coordinate new and emerging technologies to other farmers at discounted rates. Farmertec's intention is to support farmers with any technologies that will improve their lifestyle, performance, and profitability. 

Farmertec originated from Longreach, Queensland, Australia. Which is one of the most weather volatile regions for farming in the World. 

The founder of Farmertec has been recognised for technology innovation and excellence in diversification by being awarded 'Australian Farmer of the Year' in 2017 and Nuffield Scholar.

James is now looking to build accessible tools and technology for other farmers to leverage their skills and have the opportunity to maximise efficiency, practicality and most importantly, safety on the farm.    

Our latest Farmertec product are the latest Bluetooth audio and hearing device from Bose.

Bose has released audio sunglasses which allow our customers to make phone calls, send audio text messages, and listen to music, podcasts, ebooks and more through the many stylish designs of audio sunglasses on offer.  

The Bose audio sunglasses have been trialed in the harshest of conditions. With application, these glasses are suitable for farms, trade environments and can also be used for leisure or sporting activities. 

Manual tasks are now easy to do, with the help of the Bose audio sunglasses which allow you to still complete essential phone calls and text messages with out using your hands. 

If you are wanting to create more time and keep yourself and your workers safe, these audio sunnies are the perfect addition to your essential workplace needs.